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Dyad, Inc. is an investment banking and consulting firm located in Somerset, New Jersey. Our activities include mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and corporate finance. Dyad utilizes a highly organized, systematic and integrated approach to identify and contact as many prospective candidates for a transaction as possible. Our structured approach offers our clients access to a broad range of companies in North America and worldwide.

As a natural extension of our investment banking activities, we also provide general business consulting services. Dyad has staff members available with significant experience in corporate finance, accounting and human resources. We have assisted a number of clients who have requested our help in these areas. Among other projects, we have been instrumental in client efforts to develop accounting systems, resolve management succession issues, design organization structures, recruit personnel, and develop performance evaluation and compensation programs.

Founded in 1987, Dyad has established a track record of exceptional results for our clients. Our firm has been built on a philosophy of providing clients with knowledgeable, perceptive advice and personalized attention, tailored to the individual needs of each company. Analytical and objective, we are above all concerned with assisting our clients in meeting their long-term goals.

Dyad’s clients have encompassed a broad range of industries. Some of our clients have been in pharmaceutical instruments, information technology, food processing, telecommunications equipment, cable manufacturing equipment, motor sports, metal fabrication and plastics processing.

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